5 Reasons Why The Legal Wife's Ending is Beautiful

Friday, June 13, 2014

With everyone being hooked every night watching The Legal Wife since the day ABS-CBN released it on free TV, the show has finally came to an end. The Legal Wife has been setting the number one top trending topics in the Philippines every night after every episode. People even made spoofs and imitation of Monica. But now, as the show came to a close, people had contrasting feelings regarding the ending expressed on various social media.

Some people loved the show's ending, saying that it is realistic, that not every things comes to a tragic or happy end, that happy endings don't come instantly.

To some, who expected a lot more from the show, was displeased with the ending. Saying that the ending did not continued the show's intensity on the previous episodes.

But do you know that the ending is really beautiful? If you don't agree, here are some points you might have missed about the ending.

1. A father and son's reconciliation.

Bunjoy, the kid who used to love playing with his dad, has finally reconnected with his dad. Well, obviously, one of Adrian's struggles when Monica came back was his connection with Bunjoy. With the mediocre big accident - dead state - reconciliation story, Bunjoy finally showed Adrian how much he loves him.
I think everyone here wants to see a father and his son get back together, right? Would you have chosen to kill Adrian after the accident? I think not.
 2. An apology from the best friend you once had.

The woman behind Adrian's infidelity, the mother of Jacob, finally made the first move by apologizing to Monica, who saved Jacob from dying inside Nicole's car. Two best friends reconciling, isn't that sweet? Although the show didn't exactly showed Monica and Nicole being at peace with each other, they did show Nicole repenting for what she has done and that she wishes to be friends with Monica again, someday. Would you have chosen to keep them from reconciling? If you're a masochist, you would.
 3. Father-daughter realizations.

Nicole, finally understanding how it feels to be a real parent, being on the shoes of her father, finally reconciled and gave his dad a chance. I mean, how can you be a parent to child who doesn't even want to let you be one to him/her? A good parent-child relationship is indeed, also dependent on the child, not only to the parent. *self-realization*
4. Change in a mistress' view on love.

Nicole finally had her eyes opened after her son's almost tragedy inside her car. She finally saw her son not as a material to bind herself to Adrian, but as a fruit of their love. To explain this personally, Nicole didn't realized that after she gave birth to Jacob, her world no longer has to and should have stopped revolving around Adrian, that her son can give her the love she begs for from Adrian.

5. Everyone lived on.

I'm going to give this to you straight, if you didn't like the ending, then you probably didn't appreciate Dr. Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. With the show ending with Nicole planning to leave the Philippines with her dad, Monica returning to the states and Adrian having a second try, it's not the end, but a beautiful realistic closing to the story. We cannot keep on following the lives of each characters as they too have their lives of their own. We can't kill every character in the story just so we could put things to an end. Sometimes, things are meant to left on certain moments for them to keep on living.
With the show having an open-ending, isn't it nice to feel the hope for change? Basically, the producers, directors, the writers, decided to put their lives on you. To give you the ending you wish to happen. For you to use your imagination on how you would want it to end. Personally, The Legal Wife's finale didn't left a void in me. Things were in the right moment. It's not a cliffhanger, it's not bitin, it's not a disappointment. It's realistic, it's beautiful.

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