It was indeed a wonderful project, Nuffnang!

Monday, March 24, 2014

It hasn't been long since the Nuffnang announced their #GlobeProjectWonderful blogger contest this year and I, as an aspiring blogger, took a shot without even expecting anything, to win anything and I just did my blog entry for the contest just for the sake of sharing my thoughts about the topic and I was really in a not-that-bad situation (some personal-societal problems, it's a 'me' thing). Any who, I recently checked my mail for some things going on with this blog, someone's asking and another has an issue with my readers. Well, this post is not about them, it's about Nuffnang's good news for me. I have been a bit down lately, 99% of it is about school. But thanks to Nuffnang for choosing my entry for one of the 15 winners of the Tattoo Sticks and PHP 500.00 Globe Prepaid Card. As a novice blogger, this is by far one of the big achievement me and my crookedcrayons has achieved.

I just thought I'd share this to you guys even though I have not been posting lately. I have loads of things to share about random things that happened since I was gone. Also, congratulations to the other winners as well!

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