YG releases BigBang's 4th version of crownstick that responds to music's beat

Monday, March 24, 2014

It has been almost a year since I've been into KPop and Korean culture and as every KPop fans out there, I also have an idol group that I stan, as the title 
goes, it's BIGBANG. BIGBANG's composed of G-Dragon, their leader, Daesung, SeungRi, T.O.P., and TaeYang. From their infamous Fantastic Baby, to their solos, G-Dragon's Coup d'Etat, T.O.P.'s Doom Dada, TaeYang's Ringa Linga, SeungRi's Let's Talk About Love and Daesung's D'scover, all VIPs(BIGBANG fandom's name) have supported them all the way. It has been a tradition that whenever a concert or a performance is held, stans(stalker + fans) gather up and light their lightsticks that corresponds to their idol's group color, as to our fandom, the VIPs, a yellow crown. Yes, it's a crown, they're the kings. Any who, as a VIP myself, I couldn't let myself continue being a fan without having one(or all) of their official crownstick. The first time that it was announced that YG's releasing a new version, one that will go light with the beat, I knew that I needed to have one. Then came the 29th of December, YG officially releases the 4th version.

BIGBANG crownstick packaging.
So, I got this from Big Bang Philippines (BBPH/VIPPH), the official BIGBANG fandom in the Philippines. Ordered and paid for it last February and got it the first week of March. I wanted to do an unboxing video of this but I got too excited and couldn't help myself feel the touch of this crownstick straight from YG. Suggestion to all stans out there, be sure to buy official goods of your idols if you wish to have them, don't buy rip-offs and imitations, it's one way of supporting your idols, also, buy their albums. They're not that expensive, for a stan, that is.

BIGBANG crownstick boxed close-up.

As you can see in the photos, the boxed already has loads of dents. It's due to the local shipping since it was only in a plastic bag when it was sent to me. I suppose, if you'd buy directly from them(goodluck with the shipping fee), it'd be in the best condition still. The crownstick basically resembles a crown. Notice the five points? That's the members of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, T.O.P., SeungRi, Daesung and TaeYang, remember that. Whenever you draw VIP doodles with crowns on them, be sure to make a five point crown.

Well, this is just a product feature post so I'm going to keep myself from reviewing this thing. Moving on...

Product name in front of the box.

Product information at the lower back of the box.

The 'B' seal.

The 'B' logo all around the box.

I like the packaging of this version but I prefer the version 3's tube. I think it's better and will not be crushed during shipping and the tube is reusable. With this box, I don't think it will last that long.

Now onto the crownstick. The package contains one crownstick(it comes in two different colors, black and white, mine's white), a black strap with BIGBANG on it, a manual, and 2 AAA Bexel batteries.

What's inside the box.
BB crownstick power and mode switch.

The crownstick has a button and a switch, one for power, the 'B' button, and one for the mode switch, steady and beat-response mode, the crown switch. The beat-response mode works on anything that has sound, whenever I try it with Fantastic Baby(the crownstick goes into party with this song) and with the TV on, it get's confused and misses some points. But the respond mode is fun. Imagine, during BIGBANG's concert, the crownsticks, our yellow sea will start to jive with the songs. It'd be like staring at the night sky with stars twinkling together all at the same time. Wow.

BIGBANG strap.

The strap, nobody wants their crownsticks flying while waving it during a concert, right?


I've read somewhere before that most VIPs break their crownsticks because of misuse of the battery pocket. It's easy to put the batteries in, but hard to take it out though. Also, do not pull it while taking the batteries out, it's fixed on the crownstick.

BB crownstick pearls are removable.

The crownsticks has this pearls(I don't know what it is called, but it looks a lot like a pearl) on each of the points of the crown that makes that blue light on the cloth. They're removable but I advise you not to.

BIGBANG crownstick close-up.

The crownstick, like all the other versions, has the official 'B' logo of BIGBANG. It's painted in black and embossed at the center of the crownstick. The crownstick by the way has six lights inside, so, expect a smooth beat-response with it.

There you have it. I wanted to buy another lightstick from YG, this time, 2NE1's but I don't have the money. I just thought I ought to share this to you. BIGBANG's comeback is near, G-Dragon's already preparing, make the most of this year with our kings, they're about to enlist to military service next year, I heard.

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  1. May i know how to take the inner battery out?

    1. You can twist the bottom part of the handle and remove the cover. It's better to let the batteries fall on to your hands instead of pulling it from the inside. Hope this helps!

    2. My batteries wont fall out, the second battery is stuck in there...


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