Different People You'll Meet in Life that Will Annoy You

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It has been eight months already since the day that I entered the life of a college student. The people you once knew in your high school years is now far from you, and now, you're with a new bunch of people you don't know and doesn't know you, well, that's how college went for me. From the walls of my Alma Mater to a new domain of total strangers.

The shift from being in the oldest batch in your school to the youngest back in the campus is quite, culture-shocking. You're not the one everyone shouldn't mess around with, you're not that oppa/hyung/older brother/nuna/unnie/older sister who used to be the ones walking the halls with pride and respect. Well, that's college, and in college, you meet different kinds of people that you can sort into different categories. Here's some of the kinds of people you'll possibly meet in college, that you should avoid:

People who knows how to use other people
This kind of people in college are quite hard to identify but their actions are obvious once you notice them. They are the ones who knows how to use you in times of their need. They know when to use you and how to use you. People like this only get noticed later on when they've already used up everyone you know. Stay away from them.

People who usually makes other people look bad
This kind of people is the most toxic kind of all. They are the ones who give you bad influences and when the time that you get in trouble because of them, they'll throw you off the bus and leave you. They are not that prominent in college but most certainly, without a doubt, you'll meet at least one.

People with hypocritical personality
These is common in sheltered kids who doesn't see the world outside the realms of their riches and have twisted beliefs and views. You'll probably meet them, maybe you won't realize you've met or have a friend who's like this, but you'll meet one. Just avoid them if you want. If you wish to annoy them even more, hung out with them.

People who make others work for them
You've probably met one already in high school, but there are a bunch load of them in college. They're the ones who doesn't like to work in group projects and activities. They're just a bunch of potatoes sitting there, watching you while you suffer because of them. Learn how to deal with them, it's hard to avoid them.

People who makes the most of the day not doing anything

These are the ones who seizes the day with procrastinating everyday and annoys you when it's time to cram already. Technically annoying but no need to avoid them, just, keep your cool.

People who are just really annoying
They're just plain annoying. They don't do much. They don't appeal that much. But they're extremely annoying. Prevent from engaging in a conversation with them. They're the second of the most toxic kinds of people.

People who doesn't know how to give gratitude and/or credits
They knows how to use you and drain you of your resources. They take pride in doing this and takes your glory away from you. They don't even remember to say "Thank You" when you help them with something. AVOID THEM.

People who never fails to make physical contact

They're the kind of people that are always touchy. It's annoying at times. Staying in contact with them will only aggravate your pains. They never fail to touch someone with their hands in different places of somebody's body. Avoiding them is an option, but please, avoid them.

People who struggles to be in (social climbers)
They're the kind of people who'll use you just so that they can be 'in' with the crowd. They don't seem to stop what they are doing unless you leave them for good. Don't try interacting with them, they're like leeches, you have to burn them to get rid of them.

These are just the annoying ones, they're still decent people in college. I'm not saying you'll meet all of them when you get to college, but 99% of the chance, you'll meet at least three of them.

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