Exodus: Gods and Kings - A Brother's Tale

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I was really eager to see Exodus: Gods and Kings movie when my mom decided that we should watch a movie. I tried convincing her to watch Mockingjay instead but seeing how eager she is to see the movie, I opted not to push it. I can watch it on my own anyways, and this is the first time my mom offered to watch a movie she wanted. It wasn't a waste of time at all.

Exodus is a different take from what is written in the Bible. I have to say, those daggers are awesome. Studying Egyptian Architecture aided me in understanding some historical details incorporated in the movie, like the cartouche imprinted on Ramses and Moses' daggers, the Nemes Crown, almost everything was on point. I really enjoyed the parts where they feature Egyptian Architecture and construction.

I'd like to also point out that Moses here, did not held a staff until the end of the movie. He basically stood as a general while leading the Hebrews to Canaan, even training them for battle. They made it sure that everything would be fathomable without diverging from what is written in the Bible. But the ten plagues happened so fast that I almost got lost in the timeline. But in all fairness, it's a movie worth watching.

Something that my mom told me about Exodus that I didn't notice was that Ramses and Moses' brotherhood never faltered, that until the very end they didn't came to a point of killing each other. Something to enlighten your 2014 before it ends.

Give it a try, you'll learn a thing or two from it.

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