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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fiction is one of the great escapes of humanity from all that is mortal, all that is normal. We seek of the hows, whats, and the what ifs opposite of the realities we experience. Especially for those who frequently experience pains in life. We create a world where the things we wish to see in reality exist, and what's the best way to illustrate them? The best way to give them life? It's through movies. It is here where we see the world in the mind of another. It's not a matter of lack of imagination, because at the moment we can't imagine the fictions anymore, that's when they start living, out of the controls of our minds. The only thing you can do, is watch them live. That's where movies come to play. Movies give the audience a chance to see the world clearly, not this world, but that world. Where you get to see fictitious characters live, you see how they live, how their world is, how everything is. And this, my friend, is what made me love watching movies.

But the question is, "What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?" If you are to ask me, I'd answer you directly with, "Titanic" The very first time they aired it on TV, I fell in love with the story right then and there. It was the most fascinating movie that I've ever watched back in the days, by the way, I was around 4 or 5 years old when I first watched Titanic, and during those times, they air movies very late at night and I had to beg my mother to let me watch it for the first time. Since then, every time they air Titanic on TV, I push myself not to miss it. Even my mom remembers it.

As a kid during those days, you tend to believe that whatever you see in a movie exists/ed. I believed Jack and Rose were real. I believed everything were real. And that's what made me love watching movies.

It made me wonder. It kept me wondering.

Young as I was, I cried for everyone who died. The woman with her children, the old couple, the band that kept playing, everyone. It's not that because there was death in the movie, or a sweet flick, but it was how the movie made me feel that made me consider it as the one that made me love watching films. It made me cry, it broke me down in tears, it made me weep for those who sank with the Titanic. It made me human. It brought me back to reality. It was like, a rocket trip to fiction world and then back to reality. Quite a mature thing for a kid isn't it? Well, Titanic made me grew, mentally. For a person who didn't had quite a nice childhood, it's nice to know that you're not alone. You're not the only one who has and is suffering from that certain challenge. It shows that people who are considered nothing, discriminated, alienated, can be the greatest of something in some ways. And that's how movies should be, in my opinion. Something that will make people feel better, or the least, feel.

As a movie-goer myself, I make sure that if I put something on my "Watch List", I really have to watch. It's a bit tedious, especially if you don't know where is that movie currently showing, or when you get to the mall, the movie you want to watch isn't there, and usually, screening schedules are only available on newspapers, sadly, limited mostly with Metro Manila cinemas. With all the current technologies rising, our movie going experience can now be made easy with GMovies app.

GMovies is an app that gives you the latest updates of the movies currently showing nationwide, buy tickets and get the best seats inside the cinema! Brought to us by GLOBE Telecom, this magnificent mobile app is FREE! Yes, FREE! It's FREE for download on Google Play and App Store! 

Since it's free, thanks to GLOBE, it's really handy! 

GMovies provides you a list of the current movies showing in cinemas nationwide and the movie's guidance rating. GMovies also makes sure that you get the best from this app because it also shows the movie's reviews rate, which can really help you in choosing what to watch.

By tapping on the 'Showtimes' button, the app will then show you the cinemas and malls that is currently showing it. It will ask for your GPS approval to give you later on, the screening schedules and ticket prices on your desired cinema.

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What are you waiting for? I'm using it right now, why aren't you?

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