By altering the past, they altered the story...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"To save the future, they must alter the past."
- X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men's latest installment, which I think is not the last, "X-men: Days of Future Past" which was released in the Philippines last May 22, 2014, made a lot of comic fans, especially those who've been hooked to X-Men since the glory days of its comic books thanks to Marvel comics and the animations, and to those who just became fans after its first release on the big screen, "X-Men (2000)", crazy and eager to see the movie. As for me, I was also eager to see how they adapted the Master Mold plague and the mutants in it. I've had a LOT of expectations with the movie since I've been really hooked with "Wolverine and the X-Men".

To give you a short summary of the Master Mold arc... 

Jean has this phoenix force that has the power to destroy a whole city (to my understanding, this is why Jean has multiple personalities inside her, she has five people inside her, if I'm not mistaken) and Emma Frost wanted to put her to sleep and kidnap her and remove it from her. Blah blah blah, Jean was too strong and Emma accidentally sent Professor X's consciousness to the future, and there Charles saw the devastation Master Mold caused, and thus, the battle to alter the future began....
Now that you know that, you'll soon realize that it's REALLY different from the movie's story. I had no problem with that, somehow, a little bit, maybe, I don't know, really, but I do understand that the animated series' impact on the audience is different with the impact a movie should strike, thus, changes have to be made BUT, the way they changed the stories of the characters, boy, did they altered it a lot. But I'm not going to emphasize on this anymore, you'll be the judge (Do watch the movie and the animated series first before arguing with  me against this rant post okay?).

Without further ado, I shall now present you with the things you MIGHT want to know about the movie before watching it.

Blink's a bit on the blue side (She should have been painted purple. I mean, they painted Azazel and Mystique, why not do it on Blink? Kidding aside, she was gloomy every time she shows up on the screen.). Maybe, after all the deaths and the resets they did, she just lost the will to fight. I mean, throwing your teleportation crystals (Yes, Blink uses crystals to create those portals) like that? And, why did she never shot a sentinel with her crystals and just kept making portals? (This almost broke me while watching the movie inside the cinema. First they killed Darwin, who, I must say, is equal to Wolverine's rate of survivability, and now, making those mutants fight like that?) SHE CAN TELEPORT SOMEONE AT WILL IF SHE STRIKE THEM WITH THOSE CRYSTALS.

And this speedy kid who looked like the Percy Jackson's one-eyed brother, with the grey unkempt hair, after some research, surprisingly, is Quicksilver. It was then I went all "WOOOOOAHHH! REALLY!?" For the love of all that's good, Quicksilver is Magneto's son. I was actually waiting for all the X-Men movies to show one of Magneto's kids, now that they did, they didn't even introduced him as his son! They didn't even showed Magneto's daughters, they are as powerful as him and have survived.

And the SENTINEL Project title, is it that bad to use Master Mold? I mean, the sentinels refer to the bots but, the project, it would've sounded cooler and clearer if they used the Master Mold title. Since the bots literally molds itself based on what the enemy can do. It's just, frustrating.

One big movie discrepancy that you might have not noticed (If you watched it already,) is that the whole altering process didn't happen exactly in just one day, as Kitty said to Logan, as he goes back in time, the present and the past will still go on, until he alters the future, then only he will remember the old future. BUT, while Logan was struggling, Kitty got injured. It's already obvious, she won't survive a few more days bleeding. But while Logan was back in 1973, it took him days to succeed. Although we could assume that the time in the future and the past don't run both at the pace.

But, with all the technology and the animations and the graphics and the special effects, it's a movie worth watching, if the comic and the animated series never existed. If you don't agree or want to argue with this post, do watch the movie yourself. If you've watched it already, good for you.

An 8 out of 10 for me. If that matters.

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