We were given swords.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Life is a constant battle, a daily struggle of whether or not, you deserve to live another day. We continuously face challenges, that's how life is, an eternity of suffering, and the only escape from it is death, a never been told world that only the dead can speak of. Consider it, a living hell. A hell without everything anguished by fire, without the red-skinned beings with horns and tails and bat-like wings. A hell that is not hell, but close to it.

The past few days has been gloomy and it was like, nothing can cheer anyone up. Nothing can cover the fact that cuts have been made. We are bound to lose some of our comrades now. It's only a matter of days before we face another year in our college life, the downside of it, the thing that makes me lose sight of the brighter side is that, not only are we going to be with another bunch of strangers, but also, we are not going to see some of our comrades inside the campus. Some of them are going to different universities, others, different course, a different program. The only thing that I keep on thinking is that, "Do we really need to remove some people in the way just so we could pursue our dreams?" "Do we really have to break the dreams of others just so we can achieve ours?" It was an unending dialogue inside my head since the day the results came out. Imagine, from more or less, 600 students, down to 364 students to move on to the second year. It. Is. Indeed. Quite. The. Big. Cut.

The problem with that kind of system is that, yes, we got off fair in the start, but the tricks and cheats other people made on the way, considering also that we are on a subjective course where our grades depend on our professors' perspective and kindness, it just destroys the essence of the system, the essence of education, the essence of conscience, the essence of everything that makes us human.

As a great Asian tomorrow person once said, "There are dragons to kill! We were given swords." I guess, others brought maces and shields. The quest was fair, but the adventurers weren't. I guess, the good doesn't triumph over evil most of the time.

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