The endless ethereal horizon.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I have been informed that some people are stalking this blog and honestly, I still do not know where to dedicate this blog to, I was hesitant on making it too personal since I'm not that type of kid who wants to reveal himself that much, well, since my friend told me that this blog leans more on the promotion stuff, here's a second personal entry for this blog, hope you'd be kind enough to understand and if I could go on with this kind of posts, I might pursue sharing these kind of entries.

Ever thought of dying whenever your happy? That brief moment that you'd be able to say that you're ready to die, straight from your heart? Being a kid who constantly experience pains and disappointments, it's not something new. I have always dreamed of dying, of ending this thing called life. I wanted it to be over, just so I can rid of all the pain and the sufferings from within me, just so I could stop myself from hurting other people, just so I could be free from everything that this world has to give, just so I can be free, like a star in the heavens, I just want to fade away and and take my place in that ethereal horizon. I just want to be free. It may sound funny but, since I was a kid, around 5 or 6 years old, I'm already in that state of mentality, that's how life has been treating me since that awful day that I was born, that I was saved from an illness that almost killed me. Maybe, on my mind, this is a result of having a second life, having been able to be redeemed from death, that all the negativity will start to revolve around you. That's not how it is actually, I just want to think of it that way, so that I can say that I can fathom the situation that time, till now.

I have always wondered about the existence of the ethereal horizon since the day I watched Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! I have always daydreamed of reaching it one day and finally, be happy. 

To all my comrades, including all my block mates, whom I will not be seeing around the campus anymore, I'll miss you guys. We may not have had a private one-on-one talk but all that mini conversations we've had, that "Hi, I'm...", I'll be treasuring each and every memory I've had with each and every one of you. I made this blog, in thoughts of expressing my journey in college, I was hoping that each and every one of you'd be making it through all the chapters in this book, but I'm afraid, as my Biology teacher once said, \ this won't be goodbye, but till next time. I'll see you at the ethereal horizon one day, and by that time, we'll never leave each other again.

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