UST Paskuhan 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's my first time being a Thomasian to attend the ever-awesome and most awaited event in UST both by the students and other schools nearby. I was actually hesitant on coming at first since it'll be until 12 MN or until 1 AM and I still have to commute back to Cavite and the traffic at that time would be too congested for anyone to travel that far. Luckily, a friend offered his house and I decided to go without thinking twice.

The Paskuhan Christmas Tree's concept for this year was ethnic materials(I'm not sure tho) but it sure was beautiful at night. This year, it was yellow.

The bazaar was filled with lots of food stores and also other hobby and designer stuffs. The walking space was small though, expecting that huge number of people going, and it was hard to walk through the bazaar by the time the program started.

The lights in the trees made the Benavides Park and the other roads beside it. It was hard to see Beato from afar since UST lighted everything in the field, in the park, while Beato was left, unlighted with Christmas stuff. It was nice waiting for the "lights on" before the day of Paskuhan, it was magical and mystical and wonderful. Days before the Paskuhan, I stayed till 9PM and it made me forget about the time, made me forget that I have to go home already. It'll make you feel the need to stay.

University of Santo Tomas Main Building
The Main Building was well-lighted and they had fireworks on the day they lighted it. It's a bummer that I didn't stay when they did, shame. Anyway, in this photo, the Yellow Jackets were prepping for their performance of all the university cheers and the hymn. It was an amazing performance and the people's participation was amazing (emphasis on the irony that I wasn't even participating at all and was like, 'What are we standing here for?').

 The UST Grand Stand and the concert, pretty much be explained by these photos. The rain fell, but it didn't stop the party. Not even the weather can ruin the fun Paskuhan can envoke. I wasn't able to watch the concert because it was too wet so I we went to Rockband instead.

And the people after the rain, the drizzle, and a little more rain. Me and my friends weren't prepared for this, so we kept standing the whole night and had our shoes buried in the mud. This is one of the reasons I didn't get on the field, I was happy with the view I have from where I was standing during the concert.

Anyways, pardon my very informal blog post. I wanted to blog about my very first Paskuhan as soon as possible. Anyways, all credits to my friend's camera, some shots are by me, some are by my friends. Anywho, for those who expected and waited for the fireworks, UST preferred on donating the money they'll be spending on it on the victims of Yolanda. See you in the coming Paskuhans.

UST will be moving it's school calendar and our opening of classes for next year will be in June, in line with this, the colleges' semestral break will be moved on the whole month of December, we, Thomasians, will not be able to see the preparations for the Paskuhan as we used to but there will still be Paskuhan. Let's just wait for further information regard the new school calendar. Though, I still have immediate issue I have to attend to, our college cut-off.

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