The Big Outlet Sale @ SMX Convention Center

Saturday, December 21, 2013

This was actually my first time to be on sale convention. It's one of my goals in my 'kiddo project' to go to a sale/bazaar and spend my own hard saved cash. I wasn't that into buying things on cheaper prices for some illogical reasons my mind constantly makes but I like the thought of buying and seeing tons of stuff in one place. Although my regrets for going here without any pocket money at all was too damn high!

Anyways, the clothes were more on the women's/girl's side based on my observation and to what I constantly see, but for the guys who went there, probably, they're after the shoes (my friend who actually dragged me here was after the shoes as well). The shoes though, the friggin' shoes were on sale, 50%-80% off at most.

There were lots of good clothes brand and designer sections available inside, the entrance fee is PHP 50.00 and free for any BPI cardholders. Be sure to show your BPI card, don't ask anymore, they have SOP when they see someone holding a BPI card. Unlike what I did, I asked t hem if the Jumpstart card is included in the free entrance and I got a very confusing answer. Anyways, I got in so, nothing to cry about anymore.

There are lots of stuff to find and buy at the Outlet Sale, from clothes, to food, to accessories, to pens, bags, toys and many more. 


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