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Friday, January 10, 2014

I have been called a 'hypocrite' lately, a 'scumbag' who often speaks his opinions out in the open. But for me, it is something that I could say that is a part of me, that I'm a very opinionated person, that whenever I have something to say, I'll say it right at this moment. But the downside of this 'bad' habit is that, people hate/hates/hated me for doing that. Saying that who am I to blabber about things if I am not doing something to make a change, that I'm just a stupid guy commenting on anything that I see in the internet. Well, the fact is, it hurts and that it bothers me whenever I feel the urge of giving my opinion on something, THOSE WORDS DON'T GO AWAY, TRUST ME, THEY DON'T. So here I am, blogging my way to redeem my self-esteem and stop me from degrading myself any further.

Well, enough with drama. Though, it's somehow related to the question, 'If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?' This is #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 blogger contest by the way, I'm not after the iPad Air or the iPad 2 or any of the prizes in this contest, I would be a big hypocrite if I'd be saying that I DON'T want the luxury of getting these items from this blogger contest but, I do want to share my answer to their question. As what I shared earlier in the beginning of this post, most of us is restrained from expressing ourselves, in being who we want to be. That one thing that I could give the Philippines is the gift of the freedom of expression, a wall on a public area maybe. A wall where people could go and paint whatever it is they want to say to everyone who'll be seeing it. A freedom to paint whatever it is that they want to vent out, to speak, to shout out.

It may be too ambitious and dangerous, since people might go and start a revolution from this, but kidding aside, having a freedom wall wouldn't be that bad at all. Let every Filipino say what he/she wants to say, let them express themselves, let them grow, let them be advanced as much as they want to, let them enjoy being a Filipino till the last days of their lives, let the Philippines’ title as a ‘democratic’ country visible to everyone in it. We don’t need to put that much effort in providing such wall, a good enough reason to the government would suffice (I suppose). But hey, a guy can dream, right?

If by any chance you wish to answer the question, “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?” and just include #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 anywhere in your blog post or comment below. For more information, click here.

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  1. That's a good gift to give to the Filipino people because in some ways we are not truly free. We are not free from the past and the oppresors like the Spaniards and The Americans

  2. If there’s one thing that I can give my dear country that would be …. The gift of Health.

    I want to do a medical mission with the help of Nuffnang Philippines and Globe thru #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

    Health is wealth. No amount of money, time and effort can ever, ever, bring the best of your health back, once it’s gone.

    In my 6 years of practice as a nurse, I have seen how our healthcare system struggles to provide quality care for our countrymen, may it be in manpower, medicines, or equipments both in the community and hospital.

    I’ve seen people deteriorating day by day because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. I’ve seen patients die because their families didn’t have enough money to buy basic medicines.

    I am believing that we can do something about this. One of those needy, ailing, indigent patients could be your mom, dad, granparent, relative, dear friend, loved one…

    In short, we are all CONNECTED, one way or another. So it is not just a matter of “about them” and “about us” because it is ABOUT US — ALL OF US.

    1. Nuffnang should see this. Some of our countrymen are in dire need of medical assistance after the recent calamities that hit the Philippines.

  3. Kung may isang bagay akong ireregalo sa Pilipinas, ito ay pagmamahal at pagpapahalaga ng mga Pilipino sa ating bayan. Kung makikita lamang nating lahat ang ganda at ituturing na espesyal sa atin ang bansang ito, iingatan at pangangalagaan natin ang Pilipinas.

    Sa aking palagay dito mag-uugat ang kaunlaran ng ating bayan. Kung nakikita lamang ng mga Pilipino na mahalaga para sa kanila ang Pilipinas, pipiliin nilang dito magtrabaho. Kung sino pa ang magagaling ay sila pa ang nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. Ngunit hindi tayo ang umuunlad kundi ang mga bansang pinagtatrabahuhan nila. Kapag nangyari na ito, ang Pilipinas lamang ang kanilang pipiliin. Tulong-tulong na pauunlarin ang bayang ito.

    Kung may pagpapahalaga ang mga Pilipino sa Pilipinas, wala sana tayong polusyon ngayon. Katulad ng isang bahay, hindi mo hahayaang madumi nito at hindi mo din ito dudumihan. Hindi ka magtatapon ng kalat sa kung saan. Ituturing mo ang bansang ito bilang iyong tahanan na hindi mo kailanman pababayaan na masira.

    Sabi nga ng aking propesor, pahahalagahan mo lang ang isang bagay kapag nakita mo na ang tunay na ganda at espesyal na parte nito sa iyong buhay.

    Maaaring mapangarap ang regalong aking napili pero hindi ito imposible. Magsisimula ito sa ating mga sarili. At sana sa pagdating ng panahon na lahat tayo ay natutunan na ang tunay na halaga ng Pilipinas, hindi pa huli ang lahat.

    -Bernadine B. Bautista

    1. I agree. Kung matuto tayong pahalagahan ang Pilipinas, hindi na kailangang mag-initiate ang gobyernong magpa-feeding program o medical mission, tayo na mismo ang magkukusang gumawa nito.

  4. Good and amazing ideas! It will help our kababayans in many ways! Thanks for this one!

  5. I already gave my thoughts on my post here http://jeepneypsychology.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/and-i-hope-you-like-it/ but if I had the chance to give another thing to the Philippines, it's a good lecture on discipline. I believe this is what we are generally lacking, which translate into some undesirable things such as civil disobedience, poverty, CORRUPTION, and incompetence in aspects too many to mention. If only we can convince ourselves do be more disciplined and act according to moral principles, the tiger cub of Asia might just turn into a fierce and roaring adult.

    1. I agree. The Philippines has everything that it needs to go up and be one of the first world countries but it's within the people that prevents it from happening. Maybe, just maybe, if we're all have that innate goodness and formation of morals, things could have gone better. Way better.

  6. My gift to the Philippines is saving our environment! by I will Plant more trees., Walk more, drive less.,Maitain my vehicle, I will Save water, Use CFC-free products, Save energy, I will Recycle and reuse, I will Recycle and reuse, I will Use renewable sources of energy, Save animals., I will Go green when gardening or farming,and Create Awareness! #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014.
    Steve del Castillo

    1. Indeed, our country needs to initiate environmental awareness. Enough with the destructive developments.

  7. If I can give something to the Philippines that is immaterial, that would be Discipline. If one person wakes up one morning and decided that "starting today, I will follow rules and the law, I will be a disciplined citizen." And religiously and conscientiously does this everyday for the rest of his life, and other people will see this change and because of this example others will follow suit. If this will be our mentality, don't you think our country would be a better place to live in? Where: - people don't throw their trash just anywhere, drivers follow their lanes, public utility vehicles stops at points only where it is allowed to drop or pick up passengers, people cross where it s only allowed to cross the street, motorists follow the speed limit and are diligent, people know how to fall in line and don't cut in a line, we arrive in meetings or gatherings on time, we don't vandalize and other thousand more things that we can do to show discipline.

    The tangible thing that I want to give to the Philippines is the gift of Education. I still strongly believe that education is the key for success; yes, there are those who make their lives and the lives of their loved ones easier and comfortable by making a living and succeeding in their fields even though they have not finished school. But that's one in a million. Having proper education will still give someone an edge to survive in this world. One can get a better paying job, thus, one will have greater chances of helping his/her family for a better life.

    With that being said, to answer the question: "If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”, I would like #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 help me by Adopting a Scholar or Donating to REAL LIFE FOUNDATION.

    Real LIFE Foundation is a christian non-profit, NGO that was incorporated in 2007 with the vision of seeing thousands of marginalized Filipino youth educated, gainfully employed and uplifting their communities. The goal of Real LIFE Foundation is to transform lives, families & communities through hope and education. Real LIFE Foundation is one of the organizations that is in line with what I believe in. Like them, I strongly regard that education is the key to a better life.

    The foundation does not only help its recipients by paying for their tuition, but they also help equip them in most, if not all, that they will need to finish college and what they'll be needing when they start looking for a job. They hold personality development coaching for the scholars and even tackles on how to dress and present their selves properly during job interviews and when they're already employed. Also, the students’ other miscellaneous expenses will be covered, like books, uniforms, OJT expenses and a daily meal & transportation allowance. Because of that the scholars don’t have to worry if they will be able to eat or get to school.

    As I've said awhile back, Real LIFE Foundation does not only focuses on the financial side of putting a student in school but also comprehensively addresses the needs of their scholars that will help them thrive after finishing school. This is done through their LIFE Coaching, which is the character development program of the Real LIFE Foundation and which provides mentoring for their scholars in Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.


  8. My gift to the Philippines will be the gift of opportunity.
    Opportunity for job, for education, for food, for shelter, for health services and all the other basic necessities each and every one of us will need. If there are enough opportunities for all us then equality can never be far enough to achieve. If those things will be provided crime rate, poverty, homeless, illiterate, and hunger could be all lessen. Peace in every people can be possible and we can all work hand in hand in making this country more efficient and successful.

  9. Philippines has a lot of beautiful places for different adventures. Extreme activities requires the right facilities in order not to risk the life of both the tourists and the guides. Having the proper tools, Real's rafting adventure will now be put in everyone's to-do list. Rafting in Real is not yet so popular, it still needs a lot of promotions as well as improvements. First thing I noticed, the rafts are improvised, they are not the real one used for whitewater rafting. They use big black "salbabida" (life buoy), combine around 3 to 4 pieces to form a raft that can load 3 passengers plus the 2 guides. They also tie pieces of wood to serve as the seats. The ride along the river is so risky especially when the water pushes so fast where you can slip from your seat and fall out of the raft. Second, there are no paddles. The guides use their hands and feet to control the direction of the raft. One guide sits in front, he kicks on rocks to turn the raft left or right. If the force of the water is too strong, he might loose control and break his leg. The other guide stays at the back, he pushes the raft to help it move with the water. So if I have a chance to wish one thing for the Philippines, I want to give a complete rafting equipment to Real. Let us do our part to make our place a wonderful Philippines.

  10. my gift to the Philippines would be the GIFT OF READING, and i do this by supporting this NGO i'm currently volunteering in, The Storytelling Project, in realizing its vision of providing story books, building libraries and teaching children storytelling and reading. :) if Globe can help, i'm sure abot namin ang mundo! hehe


  11. My wish to gift for my beloved country is a gift of Livelihood to those people affected of tyhooon yolanda. Before anything else we can easily recover from that incident if we have something where we can generate money. Money today is the most needed resources, you cannot buy food without it. So instead of giving a certain amount of money to each everyone, why not give each family (if possible) the gift of livelihood,like Giving them seeds for planting fruits, vegetables, for poultry raising, and even materials for fishing. They don’t need “short-term-help” they need lifetime solution for them to be able to survive everyday. They need something useful that would benefit not just a single person but for the whole family, and perhaps for the whole community. This wish of mine is quite impossible but with careful research and planning, and monitoring who could benefit this project would be a BIG success. In the long run if all people are productive your advocacy of helping would never be forgotten. Many lives would thank you for this.

    For as long as there are people/organization would willingly make this project happen, nothing is impossible. If everyone of us wholeheartedly extend our help to the needy we can surpass every trials that comes along. #ProudPinay


  12. This is a great idea! My gift to the Philippines though is a little different.

    One thing I noticed is that whenever someone posts a picture showing the beauty of our country, Pinoys are quick to say, "Wow ang ganda! Parang wall ka sa Pinas!"

    Why is that?

    Our country is beautiful. I'm not only talking about white sand beaches or amazing waterfalls all over our tourism posters; I'm talking about beauty in the unexpected - a cozy little cafe in an eskinita in Quezon City, or an ukay haven hidden away in Paranaque. Our country is bursting with culture and stories to tell, but when Filipinos look around, they focus on the negative.

    People don't see the food trip opportunities around Katipunan, or the art and culture of The Collective, or the musical playground of Cubao X. How can we expect foreigners to appreciate our country when we can't even do that ourselves? How can we expect to grow as a nation when we lack a very important aspect: love of country?

    With this in mind, the idea I came up with is a website or app that shows the unexpected beauty of our country.

    The purpose of the website/app is simple: Become a tourist in your own city, and fall in love with it. Just like how Parisians love Paris, or New Yorkers love the Big Apple, it's possible for the people of Manila to fall in love with Manila - dirt, pollution, culture and all.

    "MNL 143 - Love This City" - The site or app will thrive on submissions or posts by regular people. Users take photos of both popular and popular places they think people should see and experience. They can post great food finds, events, and other happenings that people rarely see or visit. They can also include a guide to the place! (ex. Newbie's Guide to Divisoria) This gives people a chance to experience the city in a way they've never experienced before. I bet people who've lived in Manila their whole lives have yet to experience the city beyond the typical malls and will appreciate hole-in-the-wall boutiques and surprises. This project will allow Filipinos to appreciate our own, instead of always longing for the beauty of other countries.

    Over time, the website/app can expand by including other cities like Cebu, Davao, etc. This project will do so much more than just supply Filipinos with information that will change the way they look at the country / the city. Instead of seeing Manila as overpopulated and dirty, maybe we can all start appreciating the culture and all the things Manila has to offer.

    When you love someone, you are willing to do anything and make sacrifices to make that person happy. In the same manner, when you love your country, you become more cooperative if it means you'll be contributing to its growth and development. Improving our country can't come from political reforms or mass-feeding projects if we can't even cover the basics. First, we must love our country, and the rest will follow.


  13. Great post. :)

    Since I support Globe’s PROJECT WONDERFUL for 2014, my gift to the Philippines is to help ENHANCE Project Wonderful via the acronym H.O.P.E. so more help/assistance can reach our fellow Filipinos, and this project can give them inspiration, and more importantly, HOPE.

    With Globe’s Project Wonderful, I can fuse my ideas with the existing system to ensure Filipinos are given enough help and a boost of HOPE. The gift of HOPE are enhancements to the current and existing GLOBE PROJECT WONDERFUL which aims to provide help and inspiration to our fellow Filipinos.
    HOPE stands for:
    H – Help Others to Help Others
    O – Overcoming Obstacles
    P – Post it! Appreciation Board
    E – Education for Sustainability of efforts

    more details can be found here: http://www.theslambookproject.com/the-gift-of-hope-globeprojectwonderful2014/

  14. I want to give the gift of light to the Philippines. More specifically the gift of SOLAR POWER. As a victim of the super typhoon Yolanda, wherein we totally had no communication due to power outage for a while and even until now electricity has not been fully restored in many places that were in Yolanda’s path, having backup power coming from SOLAR Energy is truly indispensable. Too much chaos occurs in the dark at night when a lot of people cannot rest easy for fear of thieves and looters. Having light (literally!) in these dark and trying times is what we truly need. But I do also wish for every Filipino household, Yolanda victim or not, to have 100% sustainable hybrid homes and eco-friendly houses that combine rainwater harvesting and clean energy generation (THINK: UNLIMITED WATER SUPPLY & SOLAR POWERED HOUSES!). This way our electric bills and carbon footprints will be largely diminished as well as we can show our love for Mother Earth.

    - Maria Velasquez-Franco of www.bastaigatsikat.com for #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

  15. Now that I am given an opportunity to give one special thing, that gift would be "TIME to share the simple joys in life." Let me quote Rick Warren in his best-selling book entitled The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For. He said "Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you'll never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. It is not enough to just say relationships are important; we must prove it by investing time in them. Words alone are worthless."

    I want to share a big part of my life to those who deserve all the goodness in this world. To share my time in sharing the simple joys in life means to give a part of my life to my fellow countrymen. I want to be of service to other people. I want to make the Filipinos believe that they are worthy of receiving hope, faith, love and happiness. I wish that each and everyone of us can give a part of our lives to our fellow Filipino people. Imagine the positive changes we can make if we just learn how to share a wonderful time with each other.

  16. http://justbreakingice.tumblr.com/post/75984808353/globeprojectwonderful2014

  17. We actually have this freedom wall back in college. everybody is free to post anything on it. a freedom wall out on the streets would be a great idea to encourage creativity


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